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            <p>We’re busy at work improving the Maui Jim website experience for our ‘ohana.</p>
            <p>Please check back to see the world in all its true color. Mahalo (Thank You) for your patience.</p>
        <div class="maintenance-copy__group">
            <p>Please for your prescription orders to Maui jim Toll Free: (877) 289-4424.</p>
            <p>Just need to repair your Maui Jims? Download repair form below to start your repair while our site is unavailable.</p>
            <a href="#">
      <svg class="icon icon--download">
  <use xlink:href="/assets/icons/icons.svg#download"></use>

      Repair Form

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    <div class="footer__copyright">
        <img class="footer__copyright-logo" src="/assets/images/mauijim-brand-logo-monochromatic.svg">
        <span class="footer__copyright-text">©2016 Maui Jim, Inc. Lahana, Hawaii</span>
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